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Why a Ropes Challenge Course?

The challenge course is a series of high and low elements designed to foster team building and group camaraderie through the Project Adventure philosophy of Challenge by Choice®. Following this philosophy, participants are encouraged to engage at their own personal learning level – but never forced! The experience allows groups to interact and learn with fellow team members in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Through active learning, participants are allowed the opportunity to discover and explore various solutions to a given task.

How Will My Group Benefit?

The challenge course is more than an outdoor adventure. It’s a venue for groups and individuals to expand their horizons, and provides the support, balance, and leverage for organizations to maximize their greatest asset: Their people! All of our activities are sequenced in a manner which promotes the development of self-confidence, group trust, goal setting, cohesiveness, problem solving, and teamwork. When combined with experiential education and active learning it can provide life-changing experiences.

With more than 15 different installed elements, we customize the day to suit our clients’ needs

Where is the
Challenge Course?

Stony Ranch: Our challenge course is right in the heart of North Texas and the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. It is located just 45 minutes from DFW airport, only 10 miles west of Denton, TX on a beautifully wooded 40-acre private ranch.

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Challenge Course



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