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Why Us?

Not only does Leadership On The Move! (LOTM) own and operate a challenge course, but we also professionally manage other course venues as well. Our staff has been involved in the day-to-day operation of challenge courses for over 25 years. In that time we have facilitated over 50,000 participants, selected and trained hundreds of challenge course practitioners, and been involved with the intricacies of risk management that are crucial to the safe operation of any course.


ACCT Challenge Course Manager (CCM) Training

We offer an in depth course management training that meets or exceeds the standards of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) Challenge Course Manager (CCM) certification.* Training topics include, but are not limited to:

    • Client Needs Analysis
    • Program Design & Implementation
    • Facilitator / Participant Safety
    • Policy & Procedure Development
    • Course Record Keeping / Maintenance
    • Risk / Facility Management
    • Insurance Requirements / Liability Forms
    • Post Event Analysis

    *This training is scheduled independently. Please email us to schedule a date convenient for you.

Outside Management Services

Our professional course management services have helped universities, retreats, and summer camps across the nation manage their risk through our experience. By allowing Leadership On The Move! to step in it allows you to step out and focus on the day to day operation of business. Our services ensure that your course will be up to date with the current Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) standards, and alleviate you from becoming bogged down in course records and upkeep.


ACCTLeadership On The Move! has been reviewed and accredited as a PVM (Professional Vendor Member) by the ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology) for certification training and testing.



If you have your own course ...

Challenge courses can be found on many types of properties (camps, schools, etc…). These could have high rope courses or just low elements on the property. Unfortunately, there may not be sufficient or trained staff to manage it properly and it takes time away from the day to day business. Managing a challenge course is only part of many facilities’ composition, and the needs vary from one to another.

Leadership On The Move! can handle those needs for you. Our trained staff will manage as many of the demands a challenge course produces that you need. (remove us to). We will work in conjunction with your organization to find the trouble spots, and alleviate the worries of challenge course management, and provide a great experience for your clients.

What we can do for you:

  • Make sure course complies with Industry Standards
  • Schedule quarterly and annual inspections
  • Provide trained staff to facilitate on the course for clients
  • Provide feedback to your questions and concerns
  • Maintain records of equipment use and storage
  • Develop safety operating procedures specific to your course

Call or email us to discuss and create a plan that suits your challenge course management needs.



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