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Leadership Program Development

Community leadership is the rent you owe for the space you occupy… and we are all behind on the rent! It is a responsibility to give back to others to ensure the betterment of the area in which you live and work. Community leadership programs are built upon a unique structure that offers participant exposure to the current state of their communities while creating forward movement through real world experience. It is our fervent belief that good community leadership can be developed through a strong, well-developed, program.

Program Start-Up

Need help getting a program off the ground? Leadership On The Move! can help! We will work to ensure that you get off on the right foot by helping to establish the direction of the program and a definition of success. Additionally, we help with curriculum development, tuition structure, recruitment and selection processes, class size and budgeting, activity and retreat scheduling, and other various issues needed for the successful implementation of your new program.

Consulting Services

Already have a program? Hit a rocky road? Sometimes it is necessary to bring the players together for a “half-time huddle.” Our expertise in all aspects of community program management makes us the perfect “coach”!

Outside Management Services

In need of a little long term help? Let Leadership On The Move! take care of your day to day program management. Our experience with over 60 leadership programs around the nation has proven invaluable in allowing continued program growth and development.

How We Help

We know firsthand—as founders, participants, facilitators, coordinators, and sponsors—what it means to provide a good strong program for your participants and their community. Sound planning and thoughtful design is essential and Leadership On The Move! has been instrumental in providing support to programs across the nation.

Program Evaluation Questions:

  • Is your community leadership program in need of revitalizing?
  • Are you providing the curriculum your participants and the community need?
  • Do you offer a component on developing leadership skills?
  • Are you keeping up with the current trends and best practices?
  • Are participants’ employers gaining a return on their investment (ROI)?
  • Is it time to revisit and/or analyze your programs structure?




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