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Empty Bag

The Empty Bag

  • Non-Stop, No Prop
  • Over 100 adventure-based team building games and initiatives that require no props!

The Empty Bag is a book that focuses on team-building activities that don’t require anything more than a group and your imagination! Inside the Empty Bag you will find a collection over 100 rejuvenated, revised, and refreshingly games, initiatives, ice-breakers, and warm-ups that require no props. Whether you are outdoors on an open field, or inside on a rainy day, there are activities that you can do with absolutely nothing!

Only $20 each (includes shipping & handling)

About the Authors:

Dick Hammond - Dick is the owner of Leadership On The Move, LLC and has worked for over a three decades striving to bring practical, real world meaning to leadership training through fun and interactive initiatives.
Chris Calvert - Chris is owner of FUNdoing. He is an avid author and trainer of adventure-based activities that promote fun, pro-social community development.


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