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Leadership Development

At Leadership On The Move! (LOTM), we believe that true leadership is not only about stepping up, but also stepping back. Our goal is to help individuals realize their duty to their team and community, and forge leaders who thrive through the success of others. It is true, there are some natural born leaders, but most of us have to work at being a leader. Leaders need to develop the skills and knowledge to become leaders and continually challenge themselves and know when the appropriate opportunity arises for them to step into the lead role.

Leadership On The Move! uses a simple formula. We believe that by designing our programs around the following three principles we can work to engage groups in their current states.

  • Stay Safe
  • Participate
  • Have Fun!

It's just that simple! By allowing a group a safe environment both physically and emotionally to participate in fun and challenging initiatives it promotes natural team development through experiential learning. By using this method our facilitators are able to debrief and offer discussion points about your group's true dynamics.


How We Help!

To date, Leadership On The Move! has worked with hundreds of leadership programs from across the nation and around the world.

We facilitate and design custom programs for opening retreats, midyear refocus meetings, closing sessions, and everything in between.

Our programs are built around experiential activities designed for leadership skills enhancement, diversity inclusion, and consensus building.

We help teams and individuals become what they originally set out to be!



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